Policy Prototyping

The Knowledge Centre Data & Society is actively practising the policy prototyping method. Policy prototyping refers to a novel way of rulemaking, comparable to product or bèta testing. By employing a prototyping approach, policymakers and stakeholders can create tangible and practical prototypes of proposed policies, allowing them to test and refine the policy measures before full-scale implementation.

This approach helps identify potential gaps, challenges, or unintended consequences early on, enabling policymakers to make necessary adjustments and improvements and stakeholders to prepare for future policy. In essence, policy prototyping bridges the divide between policy design and real-world implementation, enhancing the effectiveness and feasibility of policies while minimizing the risk of costly mistakes or failures.

Below you can find all the work the Knowledge Centre has already done on policy prototyping.

Should you have questions or interest regarding our work, feel free to contact Thomas Gils (thomas.gils@kuleuven.be) or Frederic Heymans (frederic.heymans@vub.be)